Health Care

Mental health spending could face scrutiny

While Oklahoma state government has increasingly spent more money on mental health treatment, it appears lawmakers have struggled to keep track of that spending and if it has generated positive results, based on legislation that has advanced through a Senate committee.

Ray Carter
February 21, 2020
Health Care

Price transparency—not welfare expansion—the key to health care reform

Oklahoma’s political leaders must not further disincentivize work and create a new dependency class by expanding medical-welfare entitlements. Only greater price transparency and competition in health care will reduce health care prices.

Kaitlyn Finley
February 20, 2020
Health Care

The immorality of ‘free’ federal money

Oklahoma must expand welfare in order to get more federal dollars—this a common argument for the Obamacare Medicaid expansion. It makes sense, unless you have all the facts.

Trent England
February 18, 2020
Budget & Tax, Health Care

Bill would save state money, then give savings to tribal governments

Oklahoma state government could generate millions of dollars in savings by cost-shifting Medicaid costs to the federal government, but half of state government savings would then be given to tribal governments under legislation approved by a Senate committee on Monday.

Ray Carter
February 11, 2020
Health Care

Funding Medicaid expansion through hospital fees draws opposition

The Supplemental Hospital Offset Payment Program (SHOPP), a state fee assessed on hospitals’ net patient revenue that operates much like a traditional income tax, has been touted as a way to fund Oklahoma’s state share of Medicaid-expansion costs.

Ray Carter
February 10, 2020
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