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First Principles


The U.S. Constitution left most power with the states. What happened? And what can you do about it? Register now

The Framers of the Constitution rejected centuries’ worth of conventional wisdom when they divided power between the states and the new “federal” government. They also provided us a model of statesmanship as they considered innovative ideas and political realities all while standing on their bedrock principles.

You are invited to this second program in OCPA’s series, The Rule of Law and Liberty, which explores the big ideas in the U.S. Constitution. The program will also feature a special briefing on the upcoming Oklahoma state legislative session.

The Rule of Law: Why does the Constitution matter? 
• States: What is “federalism” and why are states important?
• Checks & Balances: How do we get back to limited government?
• The Bill of Rights: What are our rights?

Each session is two-hours and includes a booklet of materials created just for this program. For more information, please call 405-602-1667 or email OCPA.

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Oklahoma City




“…view it as a system, hitherto without a model; as neither a simple or a consolidated Government nor a Government altogether confederate.”  -James Madison, “Notes on Nullification,” writing about the constitutional structure we now call federalism




First Principles presenter Trent England

Trent England, who designed and presents The Rule of Law and Liberty, is OCPA's David and Ann Brown Distinguished Fellow for the Advancement of Liberty. He created and directs Save Our States, a project dedicated to defending constitutional federalism and the Electoral College. Formerly with the Freedom Foundation in Washington state and The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., Trent has written and spoken across the country on federalism and other constitutional topics.

Trent is a contributor to both editions of The Heritage Guide to the Constitution, including co-authoring the section on the Article V amendment process, and to One Nation Under Arrest: How Crazy Laws, Rogue Prosecutors, and Activist Judges Threaten Your Liberty. His writing has also appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Christian Sciense Monitor, Washington Times, and other newspapers.

Trent helped design and contributed to the State Policy Network’s We The People curriculum. He has spoken on constitutional principles across the country and testified before legislative committees in ten states.