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Lunchtime Links | February 9

February 9, 2018 - 12:00pm CST

Here's what our policy experts are reading today (Links do not constitute endorsements).

The McCarville Report: January Treasury Receipts Indicate Positive Economic Activity for Oklahoma

Monthly Gross Receipts to the Treasury entered a second year of growth in January with collections topping the same month of the prior year by more than 15 percent, State Treasurer Ken Miller announced today.

January gross receipts of $1.1 billion show an increase in the monthly reports for the 12th time in 13 months. Prior to January of last year, monthly receipts had shown contraction for 20 consecutive months. Combined gross receipts for the past 12 months have grown by 7.5 percent.

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NonDoc: Step Up Oklahoma revenue plan takes a step forward

The Step Up Oklahoma revenue plan took a step forward just before noon today. Multiple bills cleared the House Joint Committee on Appropriations and Budget, including an 83-page bill that could create $581 million for Fiscal Year 2019 if it passes the full House and the Senate next week.

That, however, will be no easy task, as five of the seven Democrats on the House committee voted against the major tax proposal, which mirrors the major revenue bill that fell five votes short in November, with two primary differences.

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The Journal Record: Private schools, public benefit

Americans instinctively dislike monopolies, even rail against Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, Big Whatever.

These have a modicum of competition. There is one monopoly, however, that government not only allows, it controls. I’m talking, of course, about Big Learning.

The public school monopoly is entrenched in American culture, founded on the premise that everyone is entitled to good schooling regardless of means.

But monopolies, whether industrial or educational, tend to crush innovation and incubate inefficiency.

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Oklahoma Growth and Opportunity Summit: Register today!

Grassroots Oklahomans don’t want to miss this exciting opportunity to hear from experts across the state on how our budget process works. What are the pitfalls and obstacles in creating a budget for the many agencies and departments within Oklahoma. Do tax credits benefit Oklahoma citizens? What influence does the Oklahoma state constitution have on our budget process?

The Oklahoma Growth and Opportunity Summit 2018, focuses on the facts behind Oklahoma’s state budget, and the sharing of knowledge to arm citizens with a better understanding of the budget process.

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