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Oklahoma’s Demographic Trends Point Up the Need for Education-Delivery Modernization

“How hard should Oklahoma hold on to the K-12 status-quo, and where is it taking the state?” Dr. Matthew Ladner asks in this month’s issue of Perspective. The last 15 years of K-12 ...

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Oklahomans want Transparency for Federal Funding

The Oklahoma Senate is considering House Bill 1748, which would require state agencies to disclose information about their relationships with the federal government. The bill is part of a multi-state ...

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Medicaid reform urgently needed

Given lower revenues available for appropriation by lawmakers, there is no better time than now to implement Medicaid reform in Oklahoma. State government in Oklahoma now spends more on Medicaid than ...

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Tulsa mother of hearing-impaired child grateful for scholarship

Life in Tulsa is hectic for single mom Laura Jones and her son, Manuel. Like any six-year-old, Manuel enjoys playing outside and learning to ride the new bike he got for Christmas. In the evening, t...

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School Choice and Freedom of Conscience

In today’s Journal Record, OCPA President Michael Carnuccio connects the uproar in Indiana to a court fight here in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Supreme Court is considering whether to shut down the ...

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