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OCPA officials tout federal-funds transparency

In a recent column in The Journal Record, law professor Andrew Spiropoulos lauded a proposal which “requires state agencies to publicly report the amount and nature of the federal funding they r...

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Court saves politicians from pesky citizens

The Obama Administration would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids, er, citizens. Actually, the Obama Administration is going to get away with breaking the l...

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A Deeper Look Into the State Budget

Check out our information on the state budget below. Click here for our recommendations of cuts for the FY-2016 State Budget. Click here for the FY-2016 Oklahoma State Budget Agreement TIP Sheet. C...

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Combating a culture of ‘disengagement and compulsory learning’

In an interesting and insightful blog post, Rob Miller, longtime principal at Jenks Middle School, recently reflected on “all the parallels between being an airline passenger and daily life as a...

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Education savings accounts will put parents in charge

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam signed legislation last week creating the nation’s fourth education savings account (ESA) program, joining Mississippi, Florida, and Arizona.

 In a new paper (&l...

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