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“Cost Avoidance” for Special Session

Oklahoma government spending is on track to be higher than ever this fiscal year. This follows runaway growth under Gov. Brad Henry and continued, if slower, growth under Gov. Mary Fallin. Total spend...

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Free Market Friday: Focusing the special session

Here we are, preparing for a special legislative session (at $30,000 per day) to maintain total government spending levels while the state is in a recession compared to 2014. Some are focused only on ...

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Oklahoma public school revenues are higher than ever

Total revenues for Oklahoma public schools are at an all-time record high. Since 2006, school revenues have risen by more than $2.5 billion, or 41 percent, and now stand at over $8.8 billion. Thi...

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Budget Background for Special Session

Yesterday morning on The Trent England Show, I explained some basic facts important for the upcoming special session. These should help provide context on the discussions of how to fill the gap create...

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Free Market Friday: Course choice is here

Should every Oklahoma high school student have access to a calculus class, or Mandarin Chinese, or Latin? With the school year underway and the Legislature considering a budget-focused special session...

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