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9 policy changes we’re thankful for this year

In our “2015 Freedom Agenda” and in subsequent publications and public forums, OCPA made the case for several policy changes – changes which were enacted in 2015. Here are the top n...

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Freedom Flash: November 23

Tax Cuts Will Help Oklahoma Grow Reviewing an important new book titled The Wealth of States, OCPA president Michael Carnuccio says Oklahoma should embark on a plan to responsibly phase out the inc...

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Free Market Friday: Tax cuts will grow economy

Once each quarter or so, voices from Washington announce how well the American economy is doing. But in reality there are 50 state economies, and what goes on in those 50 state capitol buildings somet...

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Top 5: Things you may not know about federal income taxes

The Tax Foundation just released a guide illustrating America’s income and how it’s taxed. From that guide, here are five things you may not know about federal income taxes:

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Freedom Flash: November 16

A Better Path for Teachers Rather than raising the state sales tax – making it harder for cities and towns to support police, fire safety, and other local services – let's fund...

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