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Free Market Friday: Revisionist history

Some folks will say or do just about anything to get their hands on more of your tax dollars. That’s what is happening right now at the State Capitol, where some are pushing a series of proposed new s...

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By a Margin of 5 to 1, Oklahomans Say Teachers Should Be Allowed to Vote on Unions

“Getting public policy right in the area of education includes respecting teachers and freeing them from the shackles of old, outmoded systems,” OCPA president Jonathan Small wrote in The Journal Reco...

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Free Market Friday: Government’s fair share

If you think every institution in Oklahoma is paying its fair share of taxes, think again. Families, businesses, and many nonprofits pay the 4.5-percent state sales tax on just about everything they p...

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The Day “We the People” Stood Up

On this day in 1775, a group of ordinary, small-town Americans stood up in defense of their property, their community, and their ideas. First at Lexington and then at Concord, they put their lives i...

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Free Market Friday: Questionable borrowing

Not only is Oklahoma facing the reality of less state revenue, the governor and her staff have drained the entire balance from the Rainy Day Fund – which appears to be in violation of Oklahoma’s Const...

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