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A conversation starter: Are public schools accountable?

     More and more frequently, defenders of the status quo in public education assert that public charter schools need to be made more “accountable.” Further, many assert ...

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How to fix public schools

The question is often asked, “How do we fix public schools?” Dr. Jay Greene, an education professor at the University of Arkansas, has an innovative answer: “We can fix schools by g...

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The teacher is absent today

We’re often told that teachers are uniquely dedicated to their profession. Indeed, many are, and OCPA firmly believes that some of Oklahoma’s best teachers deserve to be millionaires. H...

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Equal opportunity and MLK’s legacy

Virginia Walden Ford was one of the first black students to attend Central High School in Little Rock after desegregation. Years later, she says, “as a mother living in Washington, D.C., I becam...

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If You’re So Broke, What’s with All the Cranes?

At a legislative panel hosted by the State Chamber of Oklahoma on December 3, Senate President Pro Tem Brian Bingman, House Speaker Jeff Hickman, and Democratic Minority Leader Scott Inman were asked ...

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