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Free Market Friday: The mission creep

“In good times, I do think that it’s true that government is subject to ‘mission creep,’” my old boss Scott Meacham once observed. “When the revenue is flowing maybe there’s a trend to drift into area...

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Free Market Friday: No, it’s not personal

A young person goes off to college. His or her parents work hard, save money, cut expenses, do without, and make sacrifices to pay for school so this young person can get an education. Soon after, th...

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Did Harvey Weinstein Benefit from Oklahoma’s Hollywood Handout?

Photo by Georges Biard / CC BY-SA 3.0 Businesses mostly maximize profits. Big businesses often discover one way to do this is to get special tax deals for their particular industry. Hollywood is a bi...

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Free Market Friday: The right path

While Americans have different views about what’s to be done with those who have come to our country illegally, most are open to some form of leniency for those brought here as children. Oklahoma’s U....

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The Facts about Revolving Funds

While recent legislative appropriations have remained relatively stable, total state spending has increased nearly every year. Much of the non-appropriated spending comes from the revolving funds desi...

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