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Playground Fight Ends at Supreme Court

Smoke billowed from the doors as the firefighters jogged into the church, then again as they came back out into the snow. “It’s the big table at the front. They had a thing plugged in up there; looks...

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David Boren, Don Betz Should Correct the Record

It sounds terrible: “Continued cuts in state funding have landed Oklahoma dead last in the nation when it comes to state tax support for higher education, the 2017 Grapevine study shows.” Presidents D...

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Free Market Friday: A tale of two sectors

Here’s a tale of two sectors. Sector One is in a slump, due to declining prices. Its income has fallen significantly – by nearly 60 percent – and there’s no sign of dramatic improvement any time soon...

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A Public Letter to President Boren and President Betz

Today, OCPA President Jonathan Small sent the following letter to OU President David Boren and UCO President Don Betz. Dear Sirs: A recent news story claimed Oklahoma is “dead last in the nation whe...

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How Does Oklahoma Higher Education Funding Really Compare to Other States?

Those who understand Oklahoma know a dollar here goes a long way compared to most other states. According to the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, Oklahoma has the 3rd lowest cost of ...

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