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Why did these charter schools fail?

A common refrain against expanding educational choices for students is that some of the choices may turn out not to work. That is exactly what happened in two New York City charter schools. The failur...

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YOU GUEST IT: Schools should prepare students for life's realities

The Fairfax County school  district in Virginia is imposing new rules on how their teachers may grade failing students. No longer will a student who does no work receive a zero; the new "I d...

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OEA, NEA have spent big on failed efforts to grow government

The Oklahoma Legislature is currently considering government’s role in collecting union dues. This is the third article in a series on the political agenda of the state’s largest union, th...

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Oklahoma Education Association dues fund anti-gun politics

Even with its membership declining, the Oklahoma Education Association (OEA) is the largest public employee union in the state. The group is on record stating, “education is politics.” Yet...

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Taxpayer subsidies to abortion politics could end

A measure now pending in the Oklahoma Senate could extend the principle of right-to-work laws to state taxpayers. While workers in Oklahoma cannot be forced to support unions and union politics, curre...

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