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Free Market Friday: The dole spoils the soul

Should we add more able-bodied adults to the welfare rolls? Oklahoma lawmakers have wisely rejected the Obamacare Medicaid expansion. Unfortunately, this push to expand medical welfare will return in...

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Freedom Flash: Sept. 19

Dodd-Frank Harming Oklahoma Banks Writing in The Journal Record, OCPA president Jonathan Small says Dodd-Frank regulations are placing serious burdens on community banks and credit unions in Oklaho...

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Free Market Friday: Dodd-Frank harming Oklahoma banks

The White House Council of Economic Advisors recently released a report claiming the Dodd-Frank financial services law of 2010 is not harming community banks. Not so, say the bankers, the General Acc...

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Voters' Guide to Ballot Measures

A product of the populist era, the Oklahoma Constitution establishes processes for direct democracy. On the November 2016 general election ballot, Oklahoma voters will decide whether to adopt four con...

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Freedom Flash: Sept. 12

Sales Tax for Education Would Generate Millions If policymakers want to disincentivize government spending, level the playing field for Oklahoma businesses, and help fill the 2017 state budget gap,...

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