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Bill Would Limit Code Enforcement Abuse

If we have neighbors, we generally want their property to look … the way we want it to look. Before the age of bureaucratic government, if a property owner was a real nuisance, a neighbor could bring ...

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Many misconceptions about benefits of wind industry in Oklahoma

In "Wind power key to state's rural economy" (Point of View, March 4), Beaver County Commissioner Brad Raven outlined reasons he believed industrial wind was good for rural Oklahoma. I'd like ...

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HB 1913: A Private-Sector Solution, Not Government Dependence

State Rep. Chris Kannady (R-Oklahoma City) has authored House Bill 1913, which will help provide a solution for Oklahomans in need of alternative or small financing options—instead of forcing them to ...

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QUIZ: Is this a real job title in Oklahoma's higher education system?


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State Revenue Makeup

It is no secret Oklahoma has seen tough times the last few years because of the decline of oil prices. The state’s revenue has declined each of the last two years from $18.2 billion in FY2014 to $17.1...

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