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OKC Schools: How great a conversation?

This week, the Oklahoma City Public Schools is embarking on a listening tour. They have titled it, “The Great Conversation,” a phrase usually applied to the significant literary works of W...

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YOU GUEST IT: Three choices on school choice: Pay, move, or lie

In our state, opportunities to exercise school choice are pretty limited, unless you have money or fall into certain hard-to-educate (but not impossible-to-educate) categories, such as students with s...

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Limits on 'Local Control'

The radical environmental movement favors centralized, top-down control ... except when it doesn’t. In Oklahoma’s two big college towns, Norman and Stillwater, environmentalists are pushi...

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Weekend wrap up: National Popular Vote, the EPA, and Obama's Keystone Pipeline veto

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National Popular Vote stopped in Oklahoma House

Yesterday, an attempt to advance the National Popular Vote (NPV) Interstate Compact in the Oklahoma House of Representatives was withdrawn. The issue is unlikely to return in the current legislative s...

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