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Out of Balance Study Summary

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Medicaid 'rebalancing' the wrong prescription

Writing today in the Enid News & Eagle, OCPA president Jonathan Small critiques the Oklahoma Health Care Authority's latest proposal to expand Medicaid in the state and explains options to reform ...

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Reasons why the proposed Medicaid expansion is wrong for Oklahoma

Learn more at ocpathink.org/medicaid. 

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Freedom Flash: May 2

The Disguised Medicaid Expansion Act As Obamacare flounders, Oklahoma policymakers are considering embracing it. A new proposal, fueled by unrealistic federal promises and fictional cost estimates,...

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Perils of Medicaid expansion explained by state official

Politicians may call it “rebalancing,” but the core of the current proposal from the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) is an expansion of Medicaid. This is a part of Obamacare rejected by Okla...

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