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Fiscal Year 2016 Oklahoma State Budget Agreement

A year ago, the FY-2015 budget agreement was announced as a total of $7.12 billion in appropriated state spending. The recently announced FY-2016 budget agreement totals more than $7.13 billion. ...

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Oklahoma could learn from Minnesota's decentralized, choice-based preschool program

By Jennifer Doverspike Who should benefit from government-funded preschool? That is the question posed by the American Enterprise Institute in response to Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton's pla...

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The Heart of the Reform Agenda: School Choice

By Jason Reese Not since William F. Buckley assembled the first stable of writers at National Review has the intellectual ferment on the right been so vibrant. Not since Russell Kirk completed hi...

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Is Government Too Small?

Call it the Tom Delay Disease. Even some strident conservatives, after serving years in office and rising through the ranks into leadership, can lose perspective. In 2005, then-House Majority Leader D...

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5 myths about free enterprise

Does free enterprise hurt the poor? Does it breed envy? In this brief video, Arthur Brooks, author of The Road to Freedom, debunks five common misconceptions about capitalism.

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