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Free Market Friday: Time to modernize, not stifle

Policymakers will work this legislative session to change the failed status quo. An area that has hassled Oklahomans for decades is alcohol, beer and wine regulation in Oklahoma. Consumers have long c...

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Freedom Flash: February 1

#OklaEd Problems ‘Not Due to Underfunding’ OSU entrepreneurship professor Vance Fried says Oklahoma’s public education problems “are not due to underfunding. Since 1972, per...

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Free Market Friday: Empower parents

Across the country, many are celebrating this week as National School Choice Week. In fact, Martin Luther King III recently marched with more than 10,000 people at a rally calling for more educational...

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Kaza: Clinton Education Tax A Cautionary Tale for Oklahoma

Most Oklahomans have heard about the proposed penny sales tax for education. What many Oklahomans may not know is that Hillary Clinton helped push through a one-percentage-point sales tax for educat...

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ESAs: Easy to Use, Fiscally Responsible, Constitutional

Part four in a multi-part series about education savings accounts.  Though all ESAs operate similarly, each state’s program is unique—from which students are eligible, to funding lev...

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