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Free Market Friday: The honesty gap

It’s been called the “honesty gap” or the “proficiency gap.” For years, some Oklahoma education leaders have misled parents on student performance by setting a low bar. Thus, state officials have bee...

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Free Market Friday: Another Red River rivalry

Each year in October, Oklahoma’s eyes turn south of the Red River to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas for the annual football rivalry game between OU and Texas. Texas has won 61 of those games, OU has won 4...

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Free Market Friday: Defined by our response

It’s said that what defines a person or organization is not the challenges they face, but how they respond. Many remember having our July 4, 2016, ruined by the news that a part of the Oklahoma City ...

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Cost Avoidance #11: Time to reform TSET

#11) Time to reform TSET: Stop Spending on Night Clubs, Billboards, and Overpaid Executives The Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust was set up to help Oklahomans stop smoking and to pay for smoking-re...

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Cost Avoidance #10: Legally Access the Rainy Day Fund

#10) Legally Access the Rainy Day Fund Oklahoma has a Constitutional Reserve Fund, more commonly known as the Rainy Day Fund, for such a time as this. It’s worth remembering that foreign nation...

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