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Free Market Friday: TSET not alone

Great levels of scrutiny have been placed on the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust’s recent attempt to hire an additional administrator at a salary of $250,000 a year. At a time when nearly 20,000...

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Addressing the Root of the Problem

Criminal justice reform is long overdue in Oklahoma. In November, you will see State Questions 780 and 781. It’s unfortunate the state of Oklahoma is currently ranked second highest in overall priso...

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Freedom Flash: June 20

On a Mission to Save Lives Mission Academy, an Oklahoma City private school for students with serious addiction issues, is rescuing young people. OCPA president Jonathan Small says expanded school ...

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Free Market Friday: On a mission to save lives

Critics of school choice policies – such as vouchers, tax credits and education savings accounts – love to claim that school choice is for the rich. But what about an ordinary child for whom chan...

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Freedom Flash: June 13

Sustainability: The Left's New Façade Higher education’s new fundamentalism, “sustainability,” isn’t merely about protecting the environment. It’s also concerned with “social justi...

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