‘Food Movement’ Agenda Not the Best Path Forward

The change in presidential administrations is likely to usher in a new set of policy ideas and proposals. In the case of food and agriculture, the new president does not have to look far, as prominent food writers have already been making an aggressive case to retool the way the federal government regulates food and the farm.

Jayson Lusk
November 2, 2016

Unleashing the full power of Oklahoma’s agriculture sector

I have written several articles outlining the enormous impact on Oklahoma’s economy that could result from moving agricultural acreage currently committed to the stock bulk crops (such as wheat and corn) to high-value vegetable, melon, and potato crops.

For many years agricultural experts have discussed this possibility of moving high-value crop production that currently favors state like California and Florida to those states that now produce the bulk crops like grain. The Midwest is an ideal location.

Steve Anderson
November 1, 2016

Free Market Friday: A simple truth

Next time you go grocery shopping, take a hard look at that can of green beans. Say the shelf price is $1. Part of the cost represents the beans themselves, part the canning and shipping costs. But there’s a hidden cost as well – the cost of federal regulation. How much is it?

Jonathan Small
October 14, 2016

Why Industrial Farms Are Good for the Environment

Stillwater, Okla. — There is much to like about small, local farms and their influence on what we eat. But if we are to sustainably deal with problems presented by population growth and climate change, we need to look to the farmers who grow a majority of the country’s food and fiber.

Jayson Lusk
September 26, 2016

Voters' Guide to Ballot Measures: State Question 777

[State Question 777] Limiting Regulations of Farming and Ranching

Trent England
September 1, 2016

The Trent England Show: An interview with LeeAnna McNally

OCPA Impact CEO Dave Bond fills in for Trent and talks with LeeAnna McNally about important policy issues for the Oklahoma Farm Bureau.

Trent England & Dave Bond
July 14, 2016
Education, Agriculture

Win-Win Solutions for Oklahoma Farmers and Needy Children

All the ideas discussed in this article are within state officials’ control. While policymakers cannot remove the risk of Oklahoma’s weather, the state can provide a more stable market that also provides a higher return to the state’s farmers by having the state’s elected officials and agencies act in concert for the benefit of all Oklahomans.

Steve Anderson
September 1, 2015