Criminal Justice

Corrections system is in crisis, officials say

Policymakers warn a crisis is brewing in Oklahoma’s prison system, and even if correction reform measures drive down some costs, the need to upgrade the system could remain.

Ray Carter
April 11, 2019
Criminal Justice

Senate Bill 421 would bring clarity, consistency to drug laws

Senate Bill 421 seeks to reform Oklahoma’s criminal justice system by standardizing some of Oklahoma’s drug possession laws and reducing the maximum sentencing for those convicted of certain drug-related crimes.

Kaitlyn Finley
March 1, 2019
Criminal Justice

Criminal justice reform takes aim at ‘debtor’s prisons’

State Sen. George Young (D-Oklahoma City) has introduced two bills that seek to make the transition from prison or jail less stressful and expensive. His goal is to reduce recidivism.

Mike Brake
February 25, 2019
Criminal Justice

Bill offers former inmates a fresh start

Oklahoma has the highest incarceration rate in the United States, but state lawmakers are working to reform Oklahoma’s criminal justice system and help former offenders successfully reenter society after their release.

Kaitlyn Finley
February 8, 2019
Criminal Justice

Bill would let former prisoners work

If a person commits a crime, does his time, and then gets out of prison, should that person be allowed to get a job?

Trent England
January 14, 2019
Criminal Justice

Throw away the key?

Oklahoma is the most locked-up state in the country. More of our fellow residents are in prison or jail, as a share of our population, than in any other state.

Jonathan Small
November 2, 2018
Criminal Justice

Unlocking Oklahoma: Criminal justice reform in 2018

It’s been nearly two years since the passage of State Questions 780 and 781, but legislative work toward reforming Oklahoma’s justice system lags behind the progress made at the ballot box.

Cody Ray Milner
March 1, 2018