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‘Duct tape’ economic development

Business incentives are to state economic growth what baling wire and duct tape are to home repair.

Jonathan Small
July 9, 2021

Black Wall Street showed benefit of free markets

Oklahomans should not ignore other lessons provided by the rise and resurrection of “Black Wall Street,” Tulsa’s Greenwood district.

Jonathan Small
June 16, 2021
Law & Principles, Economy, Energy

Attorney General tells agencies to ignore federal demand

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter has told state agencies they should not comply with a Biden administration demand that they cede regulatory authority over mining in eastern Oklahoma to federal authorities.

Ray Carter
April 16, 2021
Law & Principles, Economy

McGirt ruling now negatively impacting tribes

Now, even the tribal governments who hailed the ruling on McGirt are being directly impacted in a negative way.

Ray Carter
April 12, 2021

Regulatory reform will foster innovation and growth

As Oklahoma’s political leaders search for ways to fire up economic growth, they must turn their attention to Oklahoma's dysfunctional regulatory system.

Andrew C. Spiropoulos
April 12, 2021
Economy, Energy

Mining, conservation in eastern Oklahoma now under federal control

Due to the U.S. Supreme Court’s McGirt ruling, control and oversight of mining and various environmental regulations in eastern Oklahoma are now the domain of the federal government.

Ray Carter
April 7, 2021
Budget & Tax, Economy

Stitt considering expansion of ‘Skills to Rebuild’ program

An Oklahoma career tech superintendent who created a 2020 program to help retrain mid-career adults displaced by the pandemic wants to take that successful program statewide.

Mike Brake
March 26, 2021
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