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State office tells school to hire “social justice” employee

A state agency has told Mid-Del Public Schools to hire a new employee “to lead equity, social justice, and diversity efforts” and pay that individual $143,000 per year.

Ray Carter
July 29, 2021
Education, Health Care

Stitt opposes school restrictions amidst Democrat outcry

Oklahoma Democratic lawmakers have called on Gov. Kevin Stitt to declare a health emergency following a recent uptick in COVID cases.

Ray Carter
July 26, 2021
Budget & Tax, Education

Most schools get funding increase via ‘ghost student’ reform

A new report on "ghost students" confirms that the majority of districts will actually receive increased funding or face no change as a result of the law.

Ray Carter
July 23, 2021

Teacher pay, school spending to get in-depth review

Oklahoma’s ranking on teacher pay in national comparisons has been described as among the nation’s lowest, but experts have long noted such claims don’t account for many factors.

Ray Carter
July 22, 2021

Though educator misconduct is widespread, walkout leader’s conviction a rarity

Alberto Morejon was the face of the state teacher walkout and a prominent opponent of school-choice efforts. Today, he’s the face of teachers convicted of sexual abuse of students.

Ray Carter
July 21, 2021

School boards resisting transparency?

Some citizens are finding that their local school boards are nonresponsive on major issues, despite criticism of legislation passed banning the teaching of certain concepts associated with Critical Race Theory last session.

Ray Carter
July 20, 2021

Real accountability to parents trumps fake accountability to government

Realizing they can’t stop the relentless march of parental choice, the education special interests have moved to their predictable fall-back position. But make no mistake: Restrictions on schools are restrictions on parents.

Greg Forster, Ph.D.
July 14, 2021
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