Powerful iron triangle resists parental choice

Oklahomans favor policies which give parents more educational options. However, enacting those policies has proven to be difficult. A simple metaphor can help explain why.

Brandon Dutcher
August 11, 2019

The government school monopoly as reverse patronage program

One of the key challenges for education reformers is the huge size of the government school monopoly as a “reverse patronage” employer.

Greg Forster
August 8, 2019

School-voucher program is helping Oklahoma foster kids

Thanks to an expansion of the Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship program, caregivers and adoptive parents of foster children can enroll students in a private school of their choosing that aligns more closely with their child’s specific needs. 

Staci Elder Hensley
August 3, 2019

Even after raises, teacher activist calls for lawmakers’ ouster

One prominent public-education activist has called for the ouster of as many as 35 Republican lawmakers, despite the fact most of those lawmakers supported teacher pay raises and school-funding increases.

Ray Carter
July 18, 2019