Agency reports predict wide range of McGirt problems

The Seminole Nation has indicated it plans to impose a tribal tax on oil production within its territory, representing the latest repercussion of the U.S. Supreme Court’s McGirt v. Oklahoma decision that declared a tribal reservation was never disestablished in Oklahoma.

Ray Carter
January 5, 2021
Economy, Energy

State treasurer restates warning about oilfield woes

Oil field struggles continue to negatively impact Oklahoma government revenue, leading State Treasurer Randy McDaniel to again warn lawmakers that tough financial times lie ahead.

Ray Carter
December 8, 2020
Economy, Energy

Oil prices impacting state finances

A new report from the state treasurer shows that the ongoing crash in oil-and-gas prices continues to hammer Oklahoma government finances and indicates lawmakers could face a shortfall in the 2021 session.

Ray Carter
November 5, 2020

Oklahoma wind farms encroaching on military flight paths

Wind farms are being built in military test and training flight paths, apparently in violation of a new state law.

Mike Brake
September 24, 2018
Energy, Good Government

Wind cronyism costs linger

How did mankind figure out fire without a government program? These days every new technology has backers who insist they are one more government check away from being the next big thing. That was the Solyndra story, and in Oklahoma, it is the story of wind farm companies.

Jonathan Small
September 21, 2018
Budget & Tax, Energy

A tale of two sectors

Here’s a tale of two sectors.

Sector One is in a slump, due to declining prices... So, Sector One faces reality and significantly cuts costs. That’s called good sense and responsibility.

Sector Two is facing the same downturn. But its managers and employees stubbornly resist every call to cut spending.

Jonathan Small
June 23, 2017