Budget & Tax, Energy

Free Market Friday: Decimating wind subsidies

In a report from the state of Oklahoma Incentive Evaluation Commission on the tax credit for zero-emission facilities, the commission made clear that state subsidies for wind power generation in Oklahoma are decimating the state budget.

Jonathan Small
November 4, 2016

Sustainability: The Left’s New Façade

The Sooner State suffers less from eco-apocalypticism than most, but it isn’t immune to environmental groupthink. Look no further than the college campus, where ill-conceived ideologies flourish under the innocent-sounding label of “sustainability.”

Rachelle Peterson
June 1, 2016

Wind Subsidies Stay in Budget, Dept. of Commerce Gives Lobbyists Custom Socks

As the final days of Oklahoma’s 2016 legislative session wind down to final hours, more than $200 million in annual subsidies for wind power corporations remains in the budget. In celebration of maintaining taxpayer subsidies, the Oklahoma Department of Commerce gave gifts of custom socks to wind power lobbyists.

May 25, 2016

Free Market Friday: Winded by subsidies

Fiscal calamity is brewing and Oklahomans will be hurt without decisive action. State policymakers must end the state’s wind subsidies and other detrimental policies regarding wind energy production.

Jonathan Small
February 20, 2016

Free Market Friday: Enough with the solar subsidies

Last year, the Oklahoma Legislature agreed – with overwhelming support from both political parties – that one group of electricity customers should not be forced to subsidize another group of customers. Now that principle, not to mention state law, is threatened by special interests bent on protecting their unfair advantage.

Jonathan Small
January 22, 2016

Common sense on 'Net Metering' electricity rate changes

What would happen if a grocery store customer decided, in addition to buying, to start selling his own garden produce to other customers out of his shopping cart? Almost certainly, the store manager would kick him out. The customer-turned-seller might object: this is where the grocery customers are and he has products they want. All well and good, but not in somebody else’s store.

Jonathan Small , Paul Blair
January 12, 2016

Oklahoma’s Private-Sector Rebound?

If we truly care about empowering the most vulnerable Oklahomans, we will work to build a strong and diverse economy. This provides the best opportunity for all to achieve their full potential.

Jonathan Small , J. Scott Moody , Wendy Warcholik
December 22, 2015