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Alternative Medicaid plan may be much more expensive

As Oklahoma lawmakers consider embracing the federal Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion, lawmakers have suggested they may use Arkansas as a model.

But experts and independent evaluations of Arkansas’ program suggest there is one major problem with that proposal.

Ray Carter
April 25, 2019
Health Care

Activists’ claims, research, at odds

Activists called for expansion of Oklahoma’s Medicaid program at a Wednesday rally. But many of the arguments they put forth are undercut by research.

Ray Carter
April 24, 2019
Health Care

Citizens question how personal information was obtained by activists

Organizers of an April 24 rally to support expansion of Oklahoma’s Medicaid program recently issued a release declaring a “broad coalition of Oklahomans” would be involved. But organizers resorted to the modern version of cold-calling strangers to drive up turnout.

Ray Carter
April 23, 2019
Health Care

Statement on Medicaid expansion ballot initiative

Statement from Jonathan Small, president of the Oklahoma Council for Public Affairs, on the filing of a ballot initiative to put Medicaid expansion on the ballot.

Jonathan Small
April 19, 2019
Budget & Tax, Health Care

Amid doctor shortage, TSET spending draws lawmakers’ concern

New data shows the state’s Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust, or TSET, has spent as much of Oklahoma’s tobacco-settlement funds on promoting bars and supporting a boathouse as on recruiting doctors to rural areas. That has lawmakers questioning the trust’s effectiveness.

Ray Carter
April 18, 2019
Health Care

Medicaid expansion fails to lower hospital prices

After expanding Medicaid, many Colorado hospitals continued to raise their service prices despite the fact hospitals’ uncompensated care costs decreased. They did not pass supposed savings onto Coloradans, but instead decided to build more hospitals and buy out more physician-owned practices.

Kaitlyn Finley
April 12, 2019
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