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Stitt opposes school restrictions amidst Democrat outcry

Oklahoma Democratic lawmakers have called on Gov. Kevin Stitt to declare a health emergency following a recent uptick in COVID cases.

Ray Carter
July 26, 2021
Health Care

Many Oklahoma hospitals not compliant with price transparency law

An analysis of Oklahoma hospitals found less than half of hospitals are compliant with new federal price transparency rules.

Kaitlyn Jasper
July 6, 2021
Health Care

Oklahomans’ medical debt points up the need for price transparency

As health care costs steadily rise, it is time for medical providers to be upfront with service costs.

Kaitlyn Jasper
June 17, 2021
Health Care

State report: 25 percent of Oklahomans are on Medicaid

According to the latest annual report from the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, more than 25 percent of Oklahomans were enrolled in Medicaid last year.

Kaitlyn Jasper
May 18, 2021
Health Care

Officials admit: Some on state waiting list may be dead now

Able-bodied adults added due to Medicaid expansion are financially prioritized over individuals with developmental disabilities on the waiting list.

Ray Carter
May 14, 2021
Health Care

Hospitals defend rapid-pay system criticized by state audit

Hospital officials are urging lawmakers to reject a Medicaid cost-control plan and instead preserve a rapid-pay system that a state audit indicated has resulted in as much as $845 million in ineligible taxpayer-funded payments to providers.

Ray Carter
May 12, 2021
Budget & Tax, Health Care

House Medicaid plan ill-advised

House Republicans have voted to further boost the added cost by up to another $277 million per year.

Jonathan Small
May 10, 2021
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