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Paycom, Watts mum on OU free-speech action

The University of Oklahoma board of regents has voted to adopt the “Chicago Statement,” which affirms the college’s commitment to free speech and open debate. That action flies in the face of prior pressure tactics from the head of Paycom, who previously criticized OU’s support for free speech and announced he would yank advertising from the school.

Ray Carter
December 6, 2022
Higher Education

The OU regents took an important first step. Here’s what to do next

OU’s free-speech decision is to be applauded. Now it’s time to adopt institutional neutrality. After all, the mission of a university is “the discovery, improvement, and dissemination of knowledge”—not the pursuit of so-called social justice.

Jonathan Small
December 5, 2022
Higher Education

Civil-rights complaint filed over Oklahoma colleges’ discrimination

A newly filed federal civil-rights complaint accuses 12 Oklahoma colleges of sponsoring academic programs that discriminate on the basis of race.

Ray Carter
November 8, 2022
Higher Education

Professor says OU groupthink undermines excellence

The ideological groupthink and pressure tactics that prevail at many state-funded universities ultimately undermine the purpose of education and highlight the need for reform, according to a professor who has examined the problem.

Ray Carter
October 26, 2022
Higher Education

CRT in OU teacher training

Oklahoma needs a range of new measures to ensure transparency in the training and licensure of its teachers and administrators, to find out just how much CRT is already in the state.

David Randall, Ph.D.
October 17, 2022
Education, Higher Education

Groups say reforms could attract teachers, reduce leftist influence

Policy groups from across the nation are calling for reforms to state teacher-licensure processes to increase the number of qualified candidates and reduce the control of left-wing ideologues over access to the teaching profession.

Ray Carter
October 13, 2022
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