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Colleges seek more state borrowing for professors

Last May, Gov. Kevin Stitt vetoed legislation authorizing $314.4 million in state debt to fund endowed chairs for college professors in Oklahoma, but members of the Legislature overrode Stitt’s veto.

Ray Carter
January 15, 2021
Higher Education

From climate justice to transgender studies, Oklahoma higher ed is hiring

If you doubt that progressive indoctrination is widespread in Oklahoma’s tax-funded higher education system, simply visit the website of The Chronicle of Higher Education on any given day and peruse the job postings.

Brandon Dutcher
January 5, 2021
Higher Education

OU strategic plan will impose expensive, coercive diversity regime

On July 28, 2020, the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents approved a new strategic plan.

David Randall, Ph.D.
November 20, 2020
Higher Education

Historian promotes balanced version of U.S. history

For roughly three decades, Wilfred McClay has taught United States history, but he only recently decided to take the plunge and write his own American History textbook for teenage students after concluding the available alternatives were “simply not adequate to the task of creating that sense of living and nourishing connection to the past.”

Ray Carter
November 19, 2020
Budget & Tax, Higher Education

Higher education’s budget request unrealistic

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education recently released their budget request for the upcoming fiscal year starting on July 1. That request looks to increase the budget for higher education by 11.5 percent, a nearly $90 million increase.

Curtis Shelton
November 16, 2020
Higher Education

Transparency needed in campus diversity training

Not only colleges’ budgets should be open for review, but so should the content of what they teach faculty, staff, and students.

Adam Kissel
November 6, 2020
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