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OU coaches say players can be disciplined over politics

In their motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by former player Kylee McLaughlin, University of Oklahoma’s women’s volleyball coaches say they are allowed to discipline players for political opinions

Ray Carter
July 26, 2021
Higher Education

As OU touts ‘gender-affirming’ care, ex-transgenders warn against it

A June 25 presentation at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) provides further evidence that another controversial topic is making its way into the medical and cultural mainstream.

Staci Elder Hensley
July 19, 2021
Higher Education

Queer and Latinx studies: Oklahoma higher ed is hiring

Oklahoma higher education is hiring once again, and these are the things you need to know.

Brandon Dutcher
July 8, 2021
Higher Education

Prominent black OU professor says ‘race is a myth’

“The only race of any significance is the human race,” says one of the first black professors at the University of Oklahoma.

Ray Carter
June 22, 2021
Higher Education

Oklahoma higher education reform: Lessons from Idaho

Policymakers should look to Idaho in order to bring much-needed transparency and oversight to Oklahoma’s institutions of higher education.

J. Mark Ousley
June 15, 2021
Higher Education

Lawsuit seeks release of OU report on Boren allegations

NonDoc has filed a lawsuit in Cleveland County District Court asking a judge to order the release of two reports prepared by the Jones Day law firm for the University of Oklahoma, including one report dealing with sexual allegations against former OU President David Boren.

Ray Carter
June 11, 2021
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