Health Care

Conflicting responses given on Medicaid agency’s role in teen program

Thrive, an OKC organization that works on teen-pregnancy issues, prominently lists the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) as one of seven partners on its website. A spokesperson for the OHCA, downplayed any ties between the agency and Thrive.

Ray Carter
November 14, 2019

OKC district’s effort to penalize charter schools for attracting students prompts lawsuit

The Oklahoma City school district has announced plans to impose a fee on area charter schools that would financially penalize charter schools for attracting students from the traditional district. Two area charter schools have filed a lawsuit in response.

Ray Carter
November 13, 2019

Ethics questions arise as law firm hosts school administrators’ golf event

Ask the average teacher what his or her Wednesday looks like, and the answer will usually involve working in the classroom. In contrast, on a recent Wednesday, as many as 100 school administrators and board members spent their day in a very different fashion—playing golf.

Ray Carter
November 11, 2019

Father of Parkland shooting victim says Enid Public Schools’ actions dangerous

The recent action of Enid Public School administrators who fired a school resource police officer for seeking prosecution of at least two students who had threatened classmates sent precisely the wrong signal, nationally known school safety crusader Andrew Pollack has told OCPA.

Mike Brake
November 8, 2019
Criminal Justice

Parole overhaul, diversion funding sought to address SQ 780 shortcomings

Supporters and critics alike are calling for reforms and/or new funding to address the perceived shortcomings of State Question 780, a voter-approved initiative that reduced penalties for theft and drug use in Oklahoma, with one lawmaker even advocating “radical” change.

Ray Carter
November 8, 2019
Family & Community

A beautiful tapestry: WovenLife blends all ages, abilities, into one big family

WovenLife puts seniors and young children in the same environment, resulting in significant social and developmental benefits for both. The Oklahoma City-based nonprofit takes that concept a step further by also integrating a large number of special-needs children.

Staci Elder Hensley
November 7, 2019

Data suggest Oklahoma economic growth is slowing

Continuing the pattern of recent months, new data indicate Oklahoma’s economic growth is slowing, suggesting lawmakers may have far less growth revenue to spend next year, based on information provided by State Treasurer Randy McDaniel.

Ray Carter
November 6, 2019
Higher Education

A look at higher-education revenue in Oklahoma

Higher education’s state appropriations have fallen by 39 percent since 2008, but total revenues have grown by more than 9 percent. This is in large part due to the ever-increasing tuition rates at Oklahoma’s colleges and universities.

Curtis Shelton
November 6, 2019