Higher Education

Gallogly continues to get OU’s fiscal house in order

As part of an effort to control costs and eliminate the deficits that had plagued the university budget under his predecessor, University of Oklahoma president James Gallogly has implemented several cost-saving measures.

Mike Brake
January 23, 2019
Law & Principles, Good Government

It all starts at the top: Reforming Oklahoma’s executive branch

If Oklahoma is ever to have good government, the governor must persuade the people to change both the state constitution and the structure of the executive branch of state government.

Andrew C. Spiropoulos
January 22, 2019
Good Government

The speech police

Last week, the Oklahoma Ethics Commission released a new version of its so-called “indirect lobbying” regulation. The changes are mostly window dressing and would still massively expand the state’s regulatory power, require warning labels on opinions, and make some people’s private information public.

Jonathan Small
January 18, 2019
Budget & Tax

How money walks: Tennessee

Tennessee has seen $14.31 billion of annual adjusted gross income move into the state from 1992 to 2016.

Curtis Shelton
January 16, 2019
Higher Education

Students, faculty win as OU does the impossible

The impossible has happened. Last year, tuition stayed flat at the University of Oklahoma. And now, faculty are receiving raises.

Trent England
January 15, 2019
Criminal Justice

Bill would let former prisoners work

If a person commits a crime, does his time, and then gets out of prison, should that person be allowed to get a job?

Trent England
January 14, 2019
Good Government

OCPA statement on Kevin Stitt inauguration

After Kevin Stitt was inaugurated as the 28th Governor of the State of Oklahoma, Jonathan Small, president of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA), released the following statement.

January 14, 2019
Budget & Tax

How money walks

When people move between states, their income moves, too. This affects state economies and tax revenue. And the effects compound over time. Some states win big, others are big losers.

Jonathan Small
January 11, 2019

Just how big (or small) are Oklahoma class sizes?

The state’s student-teacher ratio is 18 to 1, but some schools report much larger class sizes. In part, this is because districts have prioritized hiring non-teachers over teachers.

Jonathan Small , Mike Brake
January 10, 2019
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