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What is ‘pro-family’ public policy? Here are some principles

September 30, 2022

Brandon Dutcher

Last week the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC) released a statement of principles for “a pro-family approach to public policy.” The legal scholars and policy experts who signed the document made some recommendations that are worth considering. They said that policymakers should:

Though not everyone on the right will agree with each of those specific points, most would agree that the statement is an important contribution to our public discourse. And EPPC is not alone in this policy space. A few months ago, the Edmund Burke Foundation’s national-conservatism project published its own statement of principles. The statement’s “family and children” section says:

The EPPC and Edmund Burke Foundation statements are new—and indeed, even today Heritage Foundation president Kevin Roberts also praised a family-policy agenda—but more than 15 years ago scholars Allan C. Carlson (president of The Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society) and Paul T. Mero (president of the Sutherland Institute) published their own statement of principles. They wrote:

Again, not everyone will agree with each point in each of these statements. But in a world gone mad, this general approach to public policy doubtless resonates with many Oklahomans.