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SOS Staff
April 3, 2019

Delaware joins anti-Electoral College compact

Delaware and Colorado have joined the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, with New Mexico likely to follow soon. It's about being part of The Resistance. Hopefully legislators considering NPV in other states will remember that what matters most is having rules that actually work and that voters can rely on. NPV is not such a set of rules.

Trent England
March 29, 2019

Complaints about Electoral College apply to Congress

Three common complaints about the presidential election process also apply to Congress.

Trent England
March 13, 2019

Law professor explains why NPV is not "fair"

A Notre Dame law professor rejects claims that the Electoral College is outdated and unfair.

Trent England
May 25, 2018

Hillsdale President Larry Arnn on the Electoral College

Larry Arnn in The Wall Street Journal: "We can think about this better if we understand two things: What does the Electoral College do, and why does it do it?"

November 15, 2016

The Electoral College and Campaign 2016

Who wins in one or two elections is a shortsighted way to think about political institutions. Instead, we should think about the incentives an institution creates and whether it tends toward stability rather than chaos.

Trent England
October 1, 2016

Video: Popular Vote vs. the Electoral College

National Popular Vote would turn presidential elections into a majority-rule affair. Would this be good or bad? Electoral College expert Tara Ross explains.

Tara Ross
May 21, 2015

Video: Do you understand the Electoral College?

Do you understand what the Electoral College is and how it works? Author and Electoral College expert Tara Ross does, and she explains that to understand the Electoral College is to understand American democracy.

Tara Ross
May 19, 2015

States would lose under plan targeting Electoral College

Trent England, writing in The Oklahoman, explains why states would lose under the anti-Electoral College National Popular Vote plan.

Trent England
July 27, 2014