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Take Action

Protect Oklahoma taxpayers!

Efforts are underway to block Governor Kevin Stitt’s plan to reform Oklahoma’s Medicaid program and help manage the rising costs of the medical welfare program. Oklahoma’s Medicaid program needs transparency and accountability. Tell Oklahoma Senators to vote NO on SB 131!

No more Hollywood film credits!

This session, many lawmakers have balked at expanding Oklahoma’s successful tax-credit scholarship program for low- and middle-income children, but now appear ready to dump millions more down the burn barrel that is our state’s film-subsidy program. Tell them NO MORE!

Lead with our peers in West Virginia and Kentucky!

Every Oklahoma parent who wants real school choice should have it in 2021.

In 2018, several “red” states saw statewide teacher strikes and school shutdowns driven by teachers unions and administrators. Oklahoma was one. So were West Virginia and Kentucky.

WV and KY lawmakers responded by passing transformational school choice, giving dissatisfied low- and middle-income parents a ticket out of public schools. These reforms bring life-changing opportunities for children. Oklahoma lawmakers must do the same.

Time for higher-ed transparency!

Today, so-called “social justice” is rampant in Oklahoma higher education. Whether it’s OU imposing a coercive “diversity” regime, OSU denying a promotion to a professor who served in the Trump administration, UCO informing us that “a person could be a man or a woman or both or neither,” or any number of other examples, it’s clear that “there is an endemic rot of indoctrination, politicization, and intellectual intimidation that is eviscerating the historical purpose and nature of our institutions of higher learning.”

It’s clear to all liberty-loving citizens that the fight for freedom begins on Oklahoma campuses. And since sunlight is the best disinfectant, the first step is to require transparency.

Advance parental school choice in Oklahoma!

Every Oklahoma parent who wants school choice should have it in 2021. Regardless of the method—voucher, tax credit, education savings account, digital wallet, you name it—it’s time for state lawmakers and Gov. Kevin Stitt to fund students, not institutions.

School choice programs allow families to use public funds devoted to their student to attend the school of their choice, public or private, putting parents in charge.

It's time for Oklahomans to take action. Parents—not government officials—have the moral right to determine their child's path.