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Urge Superintendent Hofmeister to stop CRT!

The current teaching of race- and sex-based discriminatory ideologies to students in Oklahoma public schools is unacceptable. Join us in urging Superintendent Hofmeister to begin the permanent rulemaking process so that we can end CRT in Oklahoma schools.

Time to fund students, not systems!

Per-student funding should follow the student to their school of choice, whether public or private. After all, parents—not government officials—have the moral right to determine their child’s path.

Fill out the form on this page to urge your lawmakers and Gov. Stitt to side with Oklahoma families rather than with left-wing teacher unions and other powerful education interest groups. It’s time to let the money follow the child—so that parents are empowered to raise their children in accordance with their consciences.

Say NO to Critical Race Theory!

Even though legislation (HB 1775) banning the use of racist instruction in Oklahoma classrooms has been signed into law by Gov. Kevin Stitt, our fight against state-sanctioned racism is not over.

Oklahomans must remain vigilant and work against race-based Marxism in our schools, universities, state agencies, and other public entities.

Please join the fight by signing our petition and saying NO to Critical Race Theory!

Join Oklahoma's Stop CRT Coalition!

OCPA invites you to join Oklahoma's Stop CRT Coalition. By joining, we will keep you updated on coalition meetings and opportunities to take action in your community to stop CRT from infiltrating Oklahoma schools.